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Japan Onsen list where you can enjoy “the world most beautiful” Japanese autumn leaves

Japan Onsen list where you can enjoy “the world most beautiful” Japanese autumn leaves

If you go to Japan in autumn, you have to see Japan’s so-said “the world most beautiful” autumn leaves tinting. You can enjoy colorful magnificent landscapes of mountains with bright yellow and red colors at various spots around the nation. Here are five very special spots where you can enjoy autumn leaves with onsen.

 MATSUKAWA-YA (Nasu onsen, Tochigi prefecture)

Surrounded by beautiful mountain of Nasu, you can see stunning views of autumn leaves tinting from various spots of the lodge. At Matsukawa-ya, you can enjoy the 100% directly delivered from the source of the sulfurous spring “Shikanoyu” which has 1380 years history. Male bathroom is the largest in the region of the cloudy spring of “Shikanoyu” directly coming from its source. Female bathroom has two kinds of spring water, “Shikanoyu” and “Okunosawa”, both coming from their spring sources directly. From both bathroom, you can enjoy beautiful fall foliage through the clear big windows.  The private path you can book fills its bath tub with fresh onsen water every time new guests uses the room, so everyone who uses the bath can enjoy fresh onsen which is very rare experience.

Address: 252 Yumoto, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi

KOROKAN –Gekkoen (Arima Onsen, Hyogo prefecture)

KOROKAN where you can enjoy beautifully tinted Mt. Rakuyo at close has 100% directly sourced Arima onsen spring, known widely to be great for fertility. Enjoying the “Kinsen (Gold hot spring)” of its distinct red colour while viewing the rich nature of the surrounding is a true luxury. The private bath has all-cypress bath tub which gives great wooden aroma while bathing. There are also many interesting baths like the cave bath where you will be surrounded by many large rocks or the wine bath where sandstone with the unique character of having the scent of wine is used.

 KOROKAN –Gekkoen- (Arima Onsen)

RURIKO (Yamashiro Onsen, Ishikawa prefecture)

RURIKO situated close to Yakuo-in Onsen Temple also known for being a great autumn leaves spot offers a great experience of enjoying various onsen kinds while enjoying the great view of tinted mountains. Male bathroom designed with many rocks featuring the garden and the waterfall giving a great feel of open-airiness showcases landscapes uniquely different every season. Female bathroom has an open-air hot spring and the whole space is filled with the gentle cypress scent. There are also five private onsens, each of them featuring the five basic colors used in the local pottery-style, the Kutani ware and foot bath from where you can see the garden always full of seasonal beauties.

RURIKO (Yamashiro Onsen)

UNZEN MIYAZAKI ryokan (Unzen Onsen, Nagasaki prefecture)

 This is where you can enjoy the great autumn tinting in the largest garden of Unzen region. The hot springs “Daikyokan Jigoku” (literal translation “massive shouting and screaming hell”) and “Jaken Jigoku” (“evil thinking hell”) are where this lodging is getting its hot spring water from directly. Both spring water are rich in metasilic acid known to be good for keeping beautiful skin. A great way to keep your beauty enjoying the autumn stunning view while relaxing in the special onsen. 

UNZEN MIYAZAKI ryokan (Unzen Onsen)
Address: 320 Unzen, Ohama-cho, Unzen-city, Nagasaki prefecture

MONJUSO SHOUROTEI (Amano-hashidate Onsen, Kyoto)

 MONJUSO SHOUROTEI offers special onsen delivered from one of the best kinds, Amano-hashidate Onsen dubbed also as “playing ground of gods”. The bath tubs are made of Koya cypress and bathroom walls chestnut tree material. You can enjoy onsen water known to be good for maintaining beautiful skin while enjoying the great views of the surrounding nature from the open-air onsen. In November, there is a night-time illumination of autumn leaves in the nearby Nariai-ji temple, so I highly recommend going there too if you are staying at this lodge.

MONJUSO SHOUROTEI (Amano-hashidate Onsens)
Address: 466 Monju, Miyatsu-city, Kyoto


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