【Japan’s Great Selling Items】Not just for fever! Great for hot summer time, “Cooling Gel Sheet”

【Japan’s Great Selling Items】Not just for fever! Great for hot summer time, “Cooling Gel Sheet”

It seems Japan has many innovative products and inventions foreigners find astonishing to be existing. One of such invented products is this “Cooling Gel Sheet”. Here, let me elaborate on the popular product among foreigners for its convenience. 

“Cooling Gel Sheet” is a sheet with jelly surface with cooling effect and if you put on your forehead etc., you get an instant cooling sensation. The moisture content of the gel part absorbs the heat from your body and evaporate. As it evaporates, takes away the heat from your skin surface in contact with the sheet, and brings down its temperature by 2 degree Celsius. It gives the nice cooling feel of having a wet towel on your forehead so is used frequently by users when having fever. What’s better than having a wet towel is that the cooling effect lasts longer and that it does not slide off as it sticks to the skin. Since it has gained good reputations outside of Japan, an increasing number of stores outside of Japan are handling the product. 

As cooling where arteries and lymphatic vessels run close to the skin surface is said to be effective in cooling the whole body, lately sister products tailored for head and body or pillow-type one which you put under your head while sleeping are launched in the market.  

So primarily, this product was developed for and used in fever situations, but it is actually a great product to help surviving tough hot summer. For instance, if you it impossible to sleep at night in summer because of heat, just try putting this sheet on your body. It cools your whole body and put you to sleep. With the same logic, it’s used frequently to prevent heat stroke during hot season. It’s such a versatile product good also for when you have a headache, toothache or heat inside your body after participating in sports, so keeping a box of it at home should come handy in some way. Refrigerating it improves its cooling effect so some people keeps inventory a stock of it in their refrigerator, apparently. 

The well-known products of cooling gel sheet are “Netsusama-sheet” of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and “Hiepita” of Lion, but Kowa is selling a similar cooling gel sheet product for 100 yen. If you have never tried it before, maybe worth buying it when you visit Japan.

Yunosuke Kamiki

A concierge for visiting Japan. He visits every corner of Japan to discover unique charms of various regions.

He is the editor chief of a multi-language web-magazine targeting foreign tourist visiting Japan. He is crisscrossing the nation relentlessly to dig up so many yet-to-be-discovered charms and beauties of various region, of landscape, food culture and manufacturing.
His biggest joy is to invite tourists who came from overseas to together enjoy special Japanese sake he loves and seasonal food he coordinates.

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