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Tips from the Local, Japanese people!!  10 café with great views featured in Japanese magazines

Tips from the Local, Japanese people!! 10 café with great views featured in Japanese magazines

There are many café around Japan where you get to enjoy great landscapes and views of nature in a relaxing atmosphere. Here are carefully selected 10 such café. 

【café gakeno-ue:Hokkaido】

A small cozy café with 10 seats only. As the name suggests in Japanese, it stands on a cliff. You can enjoy having a light meal while listening to the chattering sound of Shirai River.  

Address: 567-36 Jozankei, Minami-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 

Opening Hours : 10:30am-6pm, 

                            10:30am-4:30pm (only Weekends/Holidays during Dec.-Feb. period) 


【SEA BiRDS CAFÉ: Ibaraki prefecture】

It’s a café designed by the famous Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima.  It’s a space with all its dimensions built with a huge screen of glass and you will be able to find it right out of the exit of Hitachi station (JR Joban-line). Standing in the café makes you feel like if you are standing in the middle of the sea. Address:1-3-20 Asahi-cho, Hitachi-city, Ibaraki

Opening Hours : 7am-10pm


【LON CAFÉ:Kanagawa prefecture】

The very first french toast specialty store in Japan. It’s at the top of Enoshima island so there is nothing to distract your view. You will be able to see the whole Sagami Bay and this café has been featured in many magazines, female magazines and tourism ones alike. 

Address: Inside Enoshima Samuel Co-Cooking, 2-3-38, Enoshima, Fujisawa-city, Kanagawa

Opening Hours : (Weekdays) 11am-8pm, (Weekends/Holidays) 10am-8pm 


【Charlet Mizugahama: Shiga prefecture】

Mountain cabin like looking café. Right in front of you is the huge Biwa Lake and you will be able to enjoy drinks and cakes using clear and pure natural water of the region. 

Address: 184 Mizugahama, Chomei-ji cho, Omi Yahata-city, Shiga

Opening Hours : 10am-Sunset 


【Cave Café: Okinawa】

It’s a café using a natural calcareous cave located 30 min. away from Naha airport by car.  You will be able to appreciate the grand structure the nature created over a long period of time. Enjoy drinks and light snacks using locally harvested fruits and coffee beans etc..  

Address: 202 Maegawa, Tamashiro, Nanjo-city, Okinawa

Opening Hours : 10am-6pm


Others are “La Maree de CHAYA” (western confectionery store in Kanagawa overlooking Mt. Fuji), “Tsubaki Salon” (in Hokkaido where you get to see both large green field and the ocean), “Unkai Terrace” (Hokkaido), “Boat Café” (Wakayama), “café Kurukuma” (Okinawa). I hope you will have a great time visiting those in a warm season. 

Yuriko Sakurai

Female university student born and raised in Kyoto. Blogger. Born in the city of World Heritage, Kyoto, made her interested in old towns of Japan since she was quite young. She is currently studying architecture at a University in Yokohama, a port town, and "integration of Western and Eastern cultures" is of her particular interest in the subject. Loves visiting World Heritage sites of Japan and old Ryokan (Japanese-style traditional lodging). Her hobby is collecting stamps of various places and spots she visits. Loves Eastern landscapes and Western food. An active SNS advocate.

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