Japanese culture experience : Kado (Japanese flower arrangement)

Japanese culture experience : Kado (Japanese flower arrangement)

Japanese culture varies from Sado (tea ceremony), Ikebana (flower arrangement) to Budo (marshal arts) such as Kendo and Karate. There are many facilities in Japan where you can have a taste of these cultures. Here, I will introduce some places where you can learn Kado, the Japanese flower arrangement.  

What is Kado 

Kado is the art of flower arrangement. Kado expresses and appreciates the precious life and beauty of nature by arranging seasonal flowers and trees in special flower vases. This traditional and particular art is respected and followed like Sado (tea ceremony).   

【Experiencing Kado in a Japanese home (transportation included)】Kyoto

You can learn about history of Kado and differences between European style flower arrangement and Japanese flower arrangement at the home of a Kado teacher. European style flower arrangement pursues the beauty by arranging only flowers, but the Japanese flower arrangement acknowledges the space between the flowers as a part of the arrangement. First you can see how the teacher arranges one, and later you can try on your own. A translator is available upon request so you can enjoy the conversation with the teacher. 

Place: Private home of the teacher (Kyoto)

Cost: 14,600 yen(15,768 yen with tax)per person(If reserved with more than 3 people)

          16,000 yen(17,280 yen with tax)per person(If reserved with more than 2  people)

          26,000 yen(28,080 yen with tax)per person(If reserved  alone)

URL: https://wakjapan.com/ja/prices/295/

Contact: Please fill in the form on the website, email or call for reservation

【MIFA flower arrangement class】(Tokyo)

Volunteers from different schools such as Sogetsu, Ikebo and Ohara will teach about Japanese flower arrangement. You can have an international exchange through this Japanese flower arrangement class. 

Date: First Monday and third Tuesday of the month. (Except national holidays) 10:30-12:00

       *Please check the schedule on the website

Place: Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA)

          2-9-15 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

URL: http://www.mifa.jp/mifa2/ikebana2/ikebana.htm         

Price: 1000 yen

Reservation: Reservation only. Please call for the reservation by 12:00 the day before the class. 



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