Japanese culture experience : Japanese traditional wedding ceremony

Japanese culture experience : Japanese traditional wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony is one of the scenes where you can observe the unique tradition of each country.  This article introduces the traditional style of Japanese wedding and where you can experience it

Shinto-style wedding …

It is a traditional ritual style passed on from ancient times.  Traditional beauty of ancient Japanese court music and traditional costumes are truly exquisite.  Traditional ritual of “Sansankudonohai (exchange of nuptial cups)” and “Tamagushihairei (Sacred Shinto tree veneration) “ are practiced.

By exchanging nuptial cups, Sasnsankudonohai signifies to bond “the two families” firmly, and Tamagushihairei signifies to place the hearts of bride and groom to devote to god, and report their marriage.  Shinto-style wedding can be held in a shrine in the hotel or ceremony facilities, but more authentic ceremony can he held in the actual shrines, which is becoming more popular among Japanese couples.

【Japanese Shinto-style wedding photo and tea-ceremony dinner】

Shinto-style wedding is a unique Japanese wedding ceremony.  In this offer, you can take wedding photos in a Shinto wedding style.  Also, long-established tea-ceremony cuisine with over 100-year history can also be enjoyed.  This course also offers an actual wedding ceremony as an option plan.

Included in the plan: Trial fitting of wedding kimono, makeup and hairstyling, B5 size photo, and tea-ceremony dinner

Fee: \38,000 per person

Optional offer: Wedding ceremony plan \45,000

       Photo album \130,000

       Changing costume \6,000

URL: http://beauty-of-japan.com/tour/japanese-wedding-photo-traditional-kimono-authentic-japanese-kaiseki-dinner/

【JTB Japanese-style Wedding & Photo Plan】

This also offers a plan to wear a Japanese-style wedding costume, and hold ceremony at an actual shrine.

Lunch course and a rickshaw ride are included in the plan.

You can choose from Asakusa shrine and Yushima Tenman-gu in Tokyo, Gokoku shrine and Fukuoka Tenjin at Ark Hotel Rolay in Fukuoka, or from many more options. 

Included in the plan:Wedding costume for bride and groom, makeup and hairstyling, photo shooting in Japanese garden or at a shrine, and simplified wedding ceremony at a shrine

※Customization is available to add tea-ceremony lunch course, rickshaw ride, and authentic Shinto-style wedding instead of simplified ceremony.

Fee: Starting from \200,000(In the case of using Asakusa shrine)

URL: https://www.jtb.co.jp/shop/royalroad/info/global/Japanese_style_wedding_photo_plan_rev.pdf

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