Let’s stay at an “Kominka ” where you get to experience Japanese culture reasonablly in abundance!

Let’s stay at an “Kominka ” where you get to experience Japanese culture reasonablly in abundance!

One of the recommended accommodations for tourists visiting from overseas is the “Kominka (old folk house) guest house”.  Typically, guest houses are known to offer rooms at a lower rate compared to hotel or ryokan. 

On top of that benefit, a “Kominka (old folk house) guest house” can offer an opportunity to feel the best of Japanese culture. If you are planning a trip to Japan, “Kominka (old folk house) guest house” is a great choice to feel Japan with great room offers! 

Guest house is an accommodation offering just the room for the night, with no complimentary amenities. Since it provides less service, the room charge is more reasonable compared to general hotels.  The average charge per person is between \2,000 to \10,000.  Also, if you are staying at a guest house, you are likely to be sharing the facility with multiple guests, therefore you can meet and interact with new people.  Many foreign tourists use these types of accommodation, so you may be able to enjoy global and cross-cultural interaction as well.

There are different types of guest houses.  Some are modern and fashionable, or it could be very vibrant and loud.  The each one of them are unique, but this article will focus on the “Kominka guest house”.  It utilizes old Japanese folk homes, making it suited to feel the emotions and culture of Japan.  Comfortable tatami mats to sleep on, a balcony with cool breeze passing by, and fluffy futon, will easily make you comfortable in the cozy Japanese space.  Below are three recommended tourist-friendly Kominka guest houses

Bamba Hotel

You will rent the whole building to yourself, therefore only one group of guests can stay per night.  A concierge fully acquainted with the city of Shinagawa is on duty at all times, providing information of the city and room service to the guests.  For guests from out side of Japan, free PHS is provided so that guests can contact the hotel at any time.


This Kominka guest house is located in the canyon of the mountainous area in the center part of Shikoku, sometimes referred to as the “Tibet of Japan”.  The building has a long history, which is believed to been built in the Genroku era (1699 – 1720). It is a very popular Kominka among foreign tourists. 

Villa Sacra

A guest house located about 3 minutes away from the west exit of Kamakura station.  This 80 year old Kominka has been renovated by 4 up-and-coming artists with back ground of modern art and Japanese art, expressing their universe in a unique Japanese way. There are many guests from overseas. If you are a good English speaker, it’s a great choice for your stay. 

Bamba Hotel


〒140-0004 1-1-2 Minami Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


2 people  \32,400 per room,  3 people \32,400 pre room、4 people \38,880 per room, 5 people \45,360 per room

5 min. walk from Shinbaba station  



〒778-0206  209 Higashiiyama, Miyoshi city, Tokushima 


1 person per room starting from \21,000,  2 people per room starting from \11,000,  3-5 people per room starting from \9,000,  6-10 people per room starting from \8,000,  Children age of 6-11 \7,000

50 minute car ride from Ooboke station 

「Villa Sacra」


〒248-0012  13-29 Onaricho, Kamakura city, Kanagawa 


2 people per room starting from \4,000

4 minute walk from Kamakura station

Yunosuke Kamiki

A concierge for visiting Japan. He visits every corner of Japan to discover unique charms of various regions.

He is the editor chief of a multi-language web-magazine targeting foreign tourist visiting Japan. He is crisscrossing the nation relentlessly to dig up so many yet-to-be-discovered charms and beauties of various region, of landscape, food culture and manufacturing.
His biggest joy is to invite tourists who came from overseas to together enjoy special Japanese sake he loves and seasonal food he coordinates.

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