Tips from the local, Japanese people!! The latest trendy diet methods in Japan

Tips from the local, Japanese people!! The latest trendy diet methods in Japan

Going on a diet is a continuous trend in Japan. We always find new way to lose weight being introduced and books related to losing weight sell well. Typically those diet methods are spread out by Hollywood celebrities, models and domestic celebrities trying them out . Here below are particularly topical ones.  

Cho-katsu (Revitalizing your intestines) 

This method aims to improve “intestinal flora” of yours. Good intestinal flora means you have many good bacteria inside your intestines. Those include ones which are said to work positively to losing weight. By maintaining good balance of bacteria inside, your intestines will be cleaned and hence body weight will come down. It’s also said to prevent constipation and improve metabolism. To improve intestinal flora, you can warm your body by staying in bath tub with 38-40 degrees Celsius hot water, or drink something hot to warm the body up from inside.  By regularly doing those activities, your intestinal flora will gradually improve. 

Soybean Milk Yoghurt

Add soybean milk to yoghurt and leave it in around 25 degrees Celsius to coagulate. Then you will have home-made yoghurt. Because it’s made of soybean milk, it’s healthy and will work positively to maintain your beauty. Soybean milk helps burning fat without sabotaging metabolism. And because it’s rich in plant protein, you will be able to strengthen your muscle accompanied by good amount of exercise. Yoghurt cleans inside your intestines with the power of lactic acid bacteria it contains. So, combining those two elements makes a great food suitable for dieting. You might not like the taste of soybean milk, but you will be able to make an arrangement to the taste by adding honey or fruits so to enjoy taking it in for a long term. 

Super food

Super food is rich in nutrients and has adequate volume of essential nutrients we cannot generate in our body.

Because of that, super food is said to impact our beauty and health positively. Among many super food, what’s famous is Chia seed and acai. You often find Chia seed used in smoothies and acai is found being served in a form of juice or ice cream. It has been said actively taking in those super food in the morning helps your dieting.

Yuriko Sakurai

Female university student born and raised in Kyoto. Blogger. Born in the city of World Heritage, Kyoto, made her interested in old towns of Japan since she was quite young. She is currently studying architecture at a University in Yokohama, a port town, and "integration of Western and Eastern cultures" is of her particular interest in the subject. Loves visiting World Heritage sites of Japan and old Ryokan (Japanese-style traditional lodging). Her hobby is collecting stamps of various places and spots she visits. Loves Eastern landscapes and Western food. An active SNS advocate.

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