Tips from the Local, Japanese people!!  Great housekeeping goods Japanese housewives love

Tips from the Local, Japanese people!! Great housekeeping goods Japanese housewives love

We often hear Japanese housewives say that when they are working, doing house chores, and raising children, they have no time of their own, and their rooms get messier everyday.  There are many useful items to help housewives lighten the burden of house chores.


“tacook” is a 3 cups rice cooker with a special cooking plate to place above the inner pot.  With “tacook”, you can cook rice and other dish at the same time.

You can make Japanese, Western, Chinese food, and sweets, so some say that they do not need any other cookware.  They have “eco-daki” (eco cooking), a function you can use to save electricity. 

Price: 16,180 yen (including tax)

Manufacturer: Tiger

Size: 21.9×27.3×19.1

Weight: 3.0kg


【Unit Bath Bon-kun】

It is an ecological sponge to clean the bathroom with just water.  With the flexible handle, you can easily clean the ceiling.  It is easy to maintenance as it dries quickly, will make bathroom cleaning more fun. 

Price: 1,180yen (including tax) 

Manufacturer: Yamazaki Sangyo 

Main body Size: Head width approx. 13cm, handle will expand from 50cm – 73cm

Main body weight: approx.. 162g


【Matomete Pinch】

You can dry your laundry effectively by putting this item through your arms with 15 clothes pins (7  drying pole pins).  When taking in your laundry after it is dried, you can put the pins back to this item, so there’s no need to worry about losing the pins.  It has a strap, so you can hang it on the hanger, so it won’t take so much space.  Although it is not flashy, it is a practical item. 

Price: 537 yen (including tax)

Manufacturer: Forall

Size: approx. 11.5cm×6cm


Yuriko Sakurai

Female university student born and raised in Kyoto. Blogger. Born in the city of World Heritage, Kyoto, made her interested in old towns of Japan since she was quite young. She is currently studying architecture at a University in Yokohama, a port town, and "integration of Western and Eastern cultures" is of her particular interest in the subject. Loves visiting World Heritage sites of Japan and old Ryokan (Japanese-style traditional lodging). Her hobby is collecting stamps of various places and spots she visits. Loves Eastern landscapes and Western food. An active SNS advocate.

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