Tips from the local, Japanese people!! Popular items of 100-yen Shop in Japan

Tips from the local, Japanese people!! Popular items of 100-yen Shop in Japan

There are many so-called 100-yen shops they are popular among foreigners too. Every items sold in the big store are 100-yen only. Their product qualities are very high and there are more and more creative products being developed and sold there. The categories covered are vast including food, everyday sundries and convenient goods etc.. and so you will almost be able to live out of the store. Those below are particularly popular items of 100-yen store. 

Handy Sealer

You can seal an opened package of snacks etc. with this item. You will need to put batteries in, but you just need to slide this device sideways sandwiching the sealing part. It’s quite tight so no need to worry that the content of the bag will come out. A handy device for snack lovers or family with kids. 

Fancy masking tapes 

Masking tapes are no longer just for doing little carpentering , it’s now a popular item to decorate things with. There are many cute and interesting patterns of masking tapes and you will be able to find one to suite your taste or purpose. Buy several of them and you will be able to find usage of them in many ways.  You won’t regret buying one. 

Garlic peeler 

Using garlic works great for your cooking, but peeling its skin is sometime very painful. With this, only thing you need to do is to put garlic in it and roll it around. It will take only a second to complete the task. Plus, your hands no longer get smelly. It’s a must-have if you cook at home often. Even kids can maneuver it without difficulty. 

Silicon-made stretch wrap 

If you have some leftover of food and want to store it in your refrigerator, you need cellophane wrap. But that creates rubbish when done using and the conventional cellophane wrap is sometimes really irritating to cut with the cutter attached to the product box. This new invention has created the same function product with silicon so it’s reusable and it fits really tightly to the container. Purchase few of these and you no longer need to buy cellophane wrap constantly. Safe and handy product even for kids. 

Yuriko Sakurai

Female university student born and raised in Kyoto. Blogger. Born in the city of World Heritage, Kyoto, made her interested in old towns of Japan since she was quite young. She is currently studying architecture at a University in Yokohama, a port town, and "integration of Western and Eastern cultures" is of her particular interest in the subject. Loves visiting World Heritage sites of Japan and old Ryokan (Japanese-style traditional lodging). Her hobby is collecting stamps of various places and spots she visits. Loves Eastern landscapes and Western food. An active SNS advocate.

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