Popular restaurants to be recommended to foreign tourists : Yakiniku (Korean BBQ)

Popular restaurants to be recommended to foreign tourists : Yakiniku (Korean BBQ)

There are many great Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) restaurants in Japan. 

Here are must-go Yakiniku places for when you come to Japan.


Top class quality Yaikuniku serving long-established high-class restaurant in Japan.

“Serve carefully-selected great quality. Grate taste is the best service we can provide.” is their motto.  

Very polite good service and great presentation in the whole store. A restaurant where all generations can enjoy. There are stores throughout the nation, and their special brand store “YUGENTEI” serves top of the top quality meat. 



Great restaurant which stands by ordinary people. Constantly appearing in media. Reasonably priced diverse menu is their selling point. They have several levels of all-you-can-eat.; Tannou course (4280yen/90min.), Gyukaku course (3580 yen/90min.) and Okigaru course (2980 yen/90min.). The higher the price, the wider the variety of menu is, but all of them are providing great value for what you pay. Gyukaku too is a brand with stores all of the country. 


【Yakiniku YAMAZEN】

High-end modern hide-away Yakiniku place often visited by celebrities.

Their beef are all of the highest A5 rank cow with more than level 10 marbling of fat. In the restaurant, a wide variety of wine is served with minimum margin. If you want to experience high-class ambient and great wine and beef, this is the place to go. There is only one store of this brand and it’s in Shibuya area. 



“100% non-additive” carefully selected natural beef. They are very selective of which farms their beef comes from, and highly experienced professional chefs are cutting meat pieces to be best served. 

They are committed to serve the best of the best, not jut beef, but also of secret sauce, freshly milled rice produced 100% in Japan, fresh vegetables directly coming from harvested fields and safe and delicious eggs of young chicken etc.. A great variety on their menu and they have several stores in Kanto region.   


Jasmine zhao

Female office worker in her 20s working for major Japanese trading company. She has business trip to Japan once a month and is taking that opportunity to spend her off-duty weekends to go around Japan sightseeing. She is an expert of travelling Japan and her strong interest is in experiencing Japan's traditional cultures at first hand. Her major at her University in China was Japanese. She became strongly interested in Japanese culture by being exposed to Japanese TV dramas while she was small. "Tokyo Love Story" was one of them and she has an extensive knowledge of Japanese anime and TV dramas.

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