Must-to-stay Onsen Ryokan (Japanese traditional hotel with onsen) !!  -Hokuriku region

Must-to-stay Onsen Ryokan (Japanese traditional hotel with onsen) !! -Hokuriku region

Onsen is said to have many benefits. Here are ryokan lodging in the region which has onsen particularly good for maintaining beautiful skin.

Yunokuni TENSHOU (Ishikawa prefecture)

Their onsen is 54.4℃ and has high pH of 8.68 and because it  is so alkali, it has soap-like functions. It dissolves dead skin on the surface, so your skin becomes soft and shiny after getting out of the bath. Its also has moistening elements in it to function like skin toner. Great onsen for your skin.

・ Facility Name:Yunokuni TENSHOU

・ Address: 19-49-1 Yamashiro-onsen, Kaga-city, Ishikawa 

・ TEL: 0761-77-1234 

・ URL:

・ Access: 15 min. courtesy bus ride from JR Kaga Onsen station 

HYAKURAKU-SOU (Ishikawa prefecture) 

This HYAKURAKU-SOU lodging is located on Noto Peninsula and has beautiful landscapes chosen as one of “Top 100 landscapes in Japan”. HYAKURAKU-SOU’s onsen is of underground cave and surrounded by Tsukumo-wan Bay. The mysterious spring water pumped up from the bay is said to have great benefits for maintaining beautiful skin and moisture. You will be able to be fully relaxed staying here.

・ Facility Name: HYAKUYAKU-SOU

・ Address: 11-34 Osaka, Noto-cho, Housu-gun, Ishikawa 

・ TEL: 0768-74-1115   

・ URL:

・ Access: 60 min. car ride from Tokyo, 30 min. car ride from Noto Airport

Ryotei MANYOU (Ishikawa prefecture) 

This lodging is located near Kanazawa and the natural hot spring they get their onsen water from has abundant water coming out from the source. It has 1400 years history and has always been said to be onsen which creates beautiful ladies. You can enjoy authentic Kaiseki ryouri using seasonal and local ingredients staying here at MANYOU. 

・ Address: 5-31-40 Midorigaoka, Nomi-city, Ishikawa

・ TEL: 0761-51-5111 

・ URL:

・ Access: 20 min. car ride from Komatsu station

Unazuki Onsen SAN YANAGITEI (Toyama prefecture) 

This lodging in Toyama prefecture serves the local Ecchu Kaiseki using various local ingredients and has great onsen which is good for maintaining beautiful skin along with great hospitality.  The reason of the onsen good for skin is because it has high concentration of metasilicic acid used also in cosmetic products. There is also an isolated  private onsen room, and you can enjoy their onsen in a relaxing environment.  

・ Address: 1397-2 Unazuki Onsen, Kurobe-city, Toyama

・ TEL: 0120-41-8044 / 0765-62-1336

・ URL:

・ Access: Courtesy car service available from Unazuki Onsen station

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