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Must-to-stay Japanese Kominka (old folk house)!! -Tohoku Region (North East of the mainland) -

Must-to-stay Japanese Kominka (old folk house)!! -Tohoku Region (North East of the mainland) -

Tohoku region of Japan has many lodgings of renovated “kominka” (old folk houses) with long history. Here below are great kominka lodgings where you get to experience or have exposure to good old Japan with its unique lifestyles and architectures. 


KAYABUKI-YA has very unique architectural style called “Kabuto” structure and is a multi-layer residential building. It’s different from an ordinary ones with thatch roof.  Recommended if you want to experience unique version of rural living in Japan.  

Address: 135 Nanatsudaki, Tamugimana, Tsuruoka-city, Yamagata

TEL: 0235-54-6103



Over 100 years old renovated kominka lodging with black sleek exterior. It sits on a hill looking down Kurotani River and is surrounded by rich nature of Tadami-cho of Oku-aizu region, totally quiet and serene environment.

Address: 1680 Azao, Kurotani, Tadami-cho, Minami-aizu gun, Fukushima

TEL: 0241-84-2100


Over 100 years old renovated kominka lodging NAKAZATO is in Ono-cho, Fukushima prefecture. You can forget the hustle and bustle of daily life in the rich nature environment with beautiful stream of water coming from the mountainous area and the seasonal charms of the scenery. 

Address: 168 Kami-hatakeda, Onoyama, Ono-cho, Tamura-gun, Fukushima 

TEL: 090-7799-5591 



Downtown lodging in Minami-aizu of Fukushima with great country cooking and onsen coming directly from its source. The heavy and mature structure of the house and antique art pieces welcome you to this experience of staying in this history rich land.

Address: 786 Idairakou, Yuno-kamiji, Shimogo-cho, Minami-aizu gun, Fukushima

TEL: 0241-68-2254


BUNKE (Iwase Yumoto Onsen cypress bath) 

This area’s onsen has 1200 years history and this lodging is of over 140 years old architecture with abundant history. It situates in the middle part of Fukushima prefecture.  

They are regularly renovating and refurbishing the structure like renewing the thatched roof etc.. so you can stay totally comfortably despite how old the house is. Simply staying there makes your heart warm.

Address: 7 Yumoto-idaira, Tenei-mura, Iwase-gun, Fukushima 

TEL: 0248-84-2314



Kominka (old folk house) lodging situated in the mountains of Kakunodate area in Akita prefecture. Inside the building and rooms, you find various craftwork pieces on display and the view from each room is of magnificent Kakunodate area nature. The natural onsen will let you release any stresses you might have.

Address: 2-8 Sasayama, kadoya, Nishiki-cho, Senboku-city, Akita

TEL: 0187-47-3511


David li

Male Chinese who works for major advertising agency in Tokyo. 15 years of living in Japan has made him an expert on various Japan related topics. He came to Japan after graduating from high school and now permanently settled in Japan. His hobby is to enjoy local cuisines while travelling around various parts of Japan. He has a personal goal of visiting all prefectures in the country and in the process of achieving it, enjoying trips and dining experiences in the nation on his off-days with his family.

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