Japanese Enkai (work party) culture

Japanese Enkai (work party) culture

Here I will introduce what to do in an Izakaya (informal Japanese gastropub) and in a Japanese Enkai (work party) 

Izakaya manners

■ Entrance

Upon entering, check with the waiters if a seat is available for you. Normally in Japanese style Izakaya, you have to take off the shoes. Put shoes in shoe box located near the entrance, lock it and keep the key.

■ Ordering

When you arrive to your seat, first order a drink. In Japan, people normally order a beer to start. You can take a look at the menu while drinking the first drink and eating Otoshi (appetizer) which comes with your alcoholic drink.

■ Bill

Normally in the Izakayas, bills are paid at the table. You have to ask for it. 

After party “Karaoke”

In a work party, after dining in an Izakaya, Japanese normally go to Karaoke because they simply love it. Karaoke is their favorite place for the second party. Here are some smart manners when going to a Karaoke. 

- Choose a song which you think people can sing along

- Do not hog the microphone

- Play maracas or tambourine (most of the Karaoke place have these instruments) to inspire singers.

Goukon (match making party) manners

Goukon is a party to meet and find a partner. In case you are invited to one of these parties, here are some things you ought to know. When everyone is there, order drinks. Men usually ask everyone what they want to drink. Take an active role in ordering and serving food.

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