Japanese culture experience : Japanese housing market

Japanese culture experience : Japanese housing market

Even if you have took care of your working visa, the next big struggle is to find a place to rent. It is very difficult for foreigners in Japan. Here I will explore the reasons and how to deal with it.

Not so many owners are willing to rent their place to foreigners

Only 30 percent of Japanese owners are willing to rent their place to foreigners because they rather like to avoid troubles regarding different languages, cultures, communication etc... 

Guarantor for renting property

You need a guarantor in order to rent a place in Japan and this is the same for Japanese citizens. Normally in a Japanese case, the family becomes a guarantor or an insurance company becomes a guarantor for them. However, not so many insurance companies will do the same for foreigners.  Recently, there are more property managing companies offering service for foreigners as well. It is necessary for you to find such a company in order to help you not only to find a place but also to clear a guarantor issue. 

Websites that will be helpful for foreigners who are looking for a place to rent

 If you are less than a year in Japan with a working holiday visa or a short exchange program, it will be better for you to look for a shared house or a room shared for foreigners. Here I will introduce sites to search for a shared house or a room share. 

■ Suumo【share house search】


    Variety of information on shared houses all around Japan including Tokyo are available on this site. 

■ Apamanshop


   By using the request function, apamanshop will look for a property with your conditions and requests even from unlisted properties. 

■ Hitsuji real estate【share house information site】


   There is information on shared houses all around Japan available for foreigners.

■Mynavi real estate【room share】


  You can search with your preferences for properties which are available for a room share

■HOME’S【room share】


  If you register on site with your preferences, they will send you mails with property fulfilling your preferences.

David li

Male Chinese who works for major advertising agency in Tokyo. 15 years of living in Japan has made him an expert on various Japan related topics. He came to Japan after graduating from high school and now permanently settled in Japan. His hobby is to enjoy local cuisines while travelling around various parts of Japan. He has a personal goal of visiting all prefectures in the country and in the process of achieving it, enjoying trips and dining experiences in the nation on his off-days with his family.

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