Hotel-equivalent hospitality?! Manga Kissa is a great spot for both resting and having fun!

Hotel-equivalent hospitality?! Manga Kissa is a great spot for both resting and having fun!

(Left)More than 50,000 manga comics of all-time classics to the latest popular series.(Right Above)Over 100 kinds of drinks available for free(Right Bottom)English version of popular comics. Always over 100 books on the shelf.


“Slime Room”, a collaboration with the popular game (Left) and “Yoggy Ball Room” which has beading sofas which fit perfectly to your body (Right) 

You might find yourself packing so many things in your itinerary for we have limited time. But, it wears you out doing shopping, going to many places sightseeing without rest. Going on holiday is supposed to relax you, let you get away from tiresome busy schedules. But, staying in your hotel room seems to be a waste of time… So, here is my proposal. Why don’t you go to “Manga Kissa” where you can enjoy various contents lined up there be it by yourself or with many people. You can spend time on the internet, read Japanese manga and enjoy many other things. 

“Internet Café” “Manga Kissa” in the Large Managa Kingdom, Japan!  

“Manga Kissa” as the name suggests offers you to spend time in a café-like space with vast amount of manga and internet content. They offer free drinks and comfy sofas and quiet private rooms too and is a very popular spot. Sometimes, they are called “Net Café (internet café)”. You can choose various seating options; Reclining chair, Mattress space where you can lie down, booth with massage chair etc.. The sofa space is good for two people sitting together, and sometimes there are even private family rooms which can hold as many as 6-8 people. So this is actually a good destination for family and large group of people too. They will let you use board games like Othello for free.  

“Jiyu Kukan BIG BOX Takadano-baba store” I went for research stands 1 min. walk away from Takadano-baba station, and the have billiard tables, darts, Karaoke room and even shower rooms. 

No need to be able to speak Japanese at all 

The chain store “Jiyu Kukan” asks you to fill in the registration form at the entrance and you need to pay 300 yen to be registered. You will need to present ID such as passport in the process and also an address in Japan, but the address of the hotel you are staying will do. Even if you don’t understand any Japanese, they will be able to communicate with you using the linguistic assistant service where a tablet device will help translating conversation between Japanese and six different languages. This is a service for them to welcome foreign visitors and so the registration process is nothing difficult. 

Some stores will also take credit card, not just cash. “URBAN Sapporo store” in Sapporo-city, Hokkaido sell items duty-free too. They have a plan of expanding the duty-free service gradually to wider region. 

Internet Café/Manga Kissa “Jiyu Kukan BIG BOX Takadano-baba store” 

(English website) 

Yunosuke Kamiki

A concierge for visiting Japan. He visits every corner of Japan to discover unique charms of various regions.

He is the editor chief of a multi-language web-magazine targeting foreign tourist visiting Japan. He is crisscrossing the nation relentlessly to dig up so many yet-to-be-discovered charms and beauties of various region, of landscape, food culture and manufacturing.
His biggest joy is to invite tourists who came from overseas to together enjoy special Japanese sake he loves and seasonal food he coordinates.

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