Japanese culture experience : Zazen (Zen sitting meditation)

Japanese culture experience : Zazen (Zen sitting meditation)

Zazen is known generally as, regardless of religion or sect, it is something that sooths the mind and trains the spirit. Including myself, when someone thinks about various things too much, he/she is to tend up thinking about unnecessary things as well. In modern society where there are lots of things to worry about or it’s easy to build up stress, users doing Zen meditation are increasing as a method to relax the mind by discarding the ego and aiming a spiritual state of nothingness.

In here, I will introduce you about a place where you can experience Zen meditation. 

“Taizo-in Zen Experience for Foreigners”

Taizo-in is providing a place that allows guests coming from abroad to experience Japan. From guiding monks, each participating group can listen stories along, such as trying something in Daily life. It shall be a time to allow the mind and the body quietly calm down. There are experience plans where you can actually experience various contents not just Zen meditation but vegetarian food, calligraphy and garden appreciation. It’s a place where you can enjoy and be satisfied of virtues of Japanese Culture with your five senses. It can be experienced only by groups of 10 people or more so let’s take our friends and go together.

Practice Location: Myoshinji Temple Taizo-in

          Hanazonomyoshinji-chou 35, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto

Fee: Inquiry needed

URL: http://www.taizoin.com/en/zen/

“Takao Cemetery One Day Zen Experience” 

It’s an experience plan so that you can feel the thought and behavior patterns of “Zen” through each activities of Zen meditation, vegetarian food (lunch), sutra and sermons  by coming to the famous temple Koujyouji of Soto Sect Buddhism in Santama with deep history and rich nature, not far to Mt. Takao. 

Fee: 5.000 Yen per person

URL: http://www.takaoreien.com/koujyouji/higaerizazen/

“Kenninji Temple Zen Meditation Experience” 

A temple built in 1202, famous as a touristic place as well. In Kenninji, Zen meditation and sermon meeting, “Senhikarikai” (A thousand lights meeting) is performed every months second Sunday from 8:00 am. You can participate free and there is no need for reservation. 

Address: Komatsumachi, Yamato Oji Dori 4Jou, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi

Fee: Free

URL: http://www.kenninji.jp/experience/index.html

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Male Chinese who works for major advertising agency in Tokyo. 15 years of living in Japan has made him an expert on various Japan related topics. He came to Japan after graduating from high school and now permanently settled in Japan. His hobby is to enjoy local cuisines while travelling around various parts of Japan. He has a personal goal of visiting all prefectures in the country and in the process of achieving it, enjoying trips and dining experiences in the nation on his off-days with his family.

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