Japanese culture experience : Sake brewery

Japanese culture experience : Sake brewery

Nihonshu (sake) is a rice wine, and it is gaining world recognition. Shuzo is a cellar where they brew sake. Here I will introduce breweries where you can go visit and learn. Many cellars offer free or cheep tours where you can not only see and learn but also taste Nihonshu. As a part of the search of your favorite Nihonshu, why not learn how it is made and the culture around the Sake? 

【Ishikawa Brewery】

A brewery with 130 years old cellar. The study tour is available in Japanese, English and French. There is a restaurant and a shop within the property. After the tour, you can enjoy Nihonshu with Japanese food such as Soba. There is also an historical museum exhibiting much material concerning sake brewing in the Edo, Meiji, and Showa periods and the history of the Ishikawa family and beer making. Tamajiman is the name of their famous Sake.  

Address: 1 Kumagawa, Fussa, Tokyo

Price: Free

【Koyama shuzo】

Koyama shuzo is the only brewery still left in Tokyo. Sake making season starts from the middle of September to the beginning of May. During the season, you can see the whole process from a glass window. Entering the cellar is not allowed for the visitors. Sometimes, it is not possible to see the cellar due to schedule. Please call for reservation. 

After seeing the cellar and how to brew Sake, it's different ingredients are explained by video.    

You can also taste Marushin Masamune, the Tokyo local sake. 

Place: 26-10 Iwabuchi Cho, Tokyo

Price: 5 - 10 people, 500 yen per person

       More then 11, 300 yen per person

URL: http://www.koyamashuzo.co.jp/news/contact.html

【Imayotsukasa Brewery】

Inside of an aesthetic cellar, the owners and sake brewers will introduce you to the world of Sake,  it's history and how to make it. After the visit to the cellar, a tasting session will be held. There is also a Miso maker called Minemura, which is a sister company of Imayotsukasa, located 4 minutes from the cellar where you can purchase other Japanese traditional fermented products. There you can also sample food and drinks. You can visit our brewery even alone. Company information pamphlet is available in foreign languages and if you require, a translation service is also available.

Address: 1-1 Chuo-ku Kagamigaoka,  Nigatachi, Niigata prefecture.

Price: Free

URL: http://www.imayotsukasa.com/brewery_eng.html

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