“Great Places to Enjoy Cherry Blossom”

“Great Places to Enjoy Cherry Blossom”

If you go to Japan in Spring, a must-to enjoy is “cherry blossom”. Here, we introduce you few spots famous for great cherry view, few gardens in Tokyo and few temples in Kyoto. 

Gardens in Tokyo let you enjoy the beauty of nature while being right in the center of the metropolis. Those listed below are the ones particularly famous for having a large scale cherry blossom scenery in Spring.

Ueno Onshi Park(上野恩賜公園 )

Ueno Onshi Park

The total area of 540,000 m2 of this park holds 1200 cherry trees of more than 60 different kinds. During the blossoming season, “Ueno Sakura Matsuri” (Ueno cherry festival) is held and you will be able to enjoy various events letting people experience Edo-era cultures such as Ebisu-mai (Ebisu dancing), Kotobuki-shishi (celebratory lion dance), flower market and open-air antique market etc.



Inokashira Onshi Park(井の頭恩賜公園)

Cherry trees in Inokashira Onshi Park come to their time of bloom between end of Mar. and early Apr. Surrounding the pond are planted 250 trees of Someiyoshino cherry or mountain cherry. You can also enjoy this fantastic cherry blossom view while having fun of a boat ride.



Sumida Park (隅田公園)

Sumida Park has many 640 cherry trees fully blossoming in spring. From the park, you can enjoy the view of Tokyo Sky Tree along with the stunning cherry blossoming. The view of blossoming cherry trees from yakata-bune boat on Sumidagawa river is indescribable too. During the season, various events such as “Sumida Kouen Sakura Matsuri (Sumida Park Cherry Blossoming Festival)” or “ Bokutei Sakura Matsuri (Bokutei Cherry Blossoming Festival)” are held for everyone to enjoy the special season of the year. 




Rikugi-en has been counted as one of two excellent gardens of the Edo period together with Koishikawa Koraku-en. This garden is a typical Daimyo garden called a Kaiyuu pond garden with hills and ponds. At the center of the garden stands the weeping cherry tree (15 meters height, 20 meters width). The illuminated night-view of the garden is so unreal and magnificent.  


The old capital of Japan, Kyoto, holds countless shrines and temples. Temples with fully blossoming cherry trees in spring is particularly beautiful. Those are must-see temples with stunning cherry blossom.

Kiyomizu-dera temple(清水寺)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kiyomizu-dera temple has around 1500 trees of Someiyoshino cherry and mountain cherry. At night-time, both “Kiyomizu no butai (the stage of Kiyomizu)” and the three-story pagoda are illuminated and a surreal landscape unfolds before your eyes. A stroll from Kiyomizu-dera temple to Gion Shirakawa is another fantastic way to enjoy cherry blossom in the area. 



Daigo-ji temple(醍醐寺)

The temple is famous as the location where Hideyoshi Toyotomi (the second unifier of Japan) held his lavish cherry blossom party dubbed “Daigo’s cherry blossom viewing”. From even before that, Daigo-ji temple has always been famous, in fact from Heian-era (8th-12th centuries), as “Flower rich Daigo”. In spring, early spider lily announces the arrival of the season to the place and then various kinds of cherry trees such as weeping cherry tree, Someiyoshino cherry tree or Yaezakura (double cherry blossoms) tree bring beautiful colours to the historical site. 



Ninnna-ji temple/Ryuan-ji temple(仁和寺・龍安寺の桜)

In Ninnna-ji premises, Someiyoshino cherry trees and weeping cherry trees compete against each other to steal people’s attention in spring. What’s particularly stunning is the late-blooming “Omurozakura (Omuro cherries)” adding colours to the whole west side inside the inner gate. Omuro-zakura is a designated National Scenic Beauty of Japan and its height is only little taller than an average person. In the garden, you will find various different trees such as turmeric with petals or a rare cherry variety, Gyoikou cherry with yellow-green double petals.



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