New Landmark of Asakusa! ”Marugoto Nippon”,

New Landmark of Asakusa! ”Marugoto Nippon”,

Asakusa is a major sightseeing district in Tokyo, and there opened back in last December a new commercial facility “MARUGOTO NIPPON” where you can experience various charms of different parts of Japan. In the complex, there are various authentic items of artisan’s crafting or products featuring unique local ingredient/material. Asakusa has long been a town known for traditional entertainment. In such a town, you get to experience at first hand good old Japan and its traditions and cultures. 

“MARUGOTO NIPPON” complex has 4 floors and there 50 stores from 17 different cities around the nation is gathered to represent diverse charms different parts of Japan have. The ground floor is housing “Nippon Food Market –Raku-Ichi-“ where you can get a wide variety of food with regional characters. Discerning buyers collected a fine lineup of food products from every corner of the country in the “Marugoto Nippon Kura” section and you can find as many as 2000 unique regional items there. That includes 300 varieties of Japanese sake or wine produced in Japan as well as Shochu and other alcohol kinds. In addition to that, you will find various specialty stores on the floor such as “Echizen Wakasa-Maru” where fresh seafood gathered from various fishing ports around the nation are cooked and served, “Kuroge Wagyu HONMARU”, the butcher selling Oshu-gyu, Wagyu of Iwate prefecture as well as other Wagyu, black pig pork and branded chicken etc.., “Yon-Nana Shouten” which sells various deserts and sweets using carefully selected fine ingredients of various regions and well-known brand confectioneries. You get a full kaleidoscopic spectrum of food in Japan. 

The 2nd floor “Kurashi-no-Dougujutsu WARAI” featuring tools useful for daily livings is collecting various living wares originated in various areas of the country using their traditional techniques and reflecting their own cultures. “Shinshu Mokko-kan” is a store selling wooden products made in the nature abundant environment of Nagano prefecture. “Hagi no Kaze” sells bamboo-made furniture and bags using tairyo-bata, fishing boat flags etc.. and “Oita ONSEN-ZA” is a shop selling skincare products with sophisticated functions, hair care products and health care items produced in Beppu Onsen area. 

The 3rd floor with the theme “Taiken Hiroba (Experience Field) ASAKUSA NIPPON-KU” holds PR spaces for various towns and cities around the nation and a cooking recipe introducing section “Oishii no Tsukurikata (How to cook delicious dishes)” where various regional cuisines are introduced with their recipes. It’s a space where you can be educated about unique charms of different parts of Japan. 

The 4th floor dining space “Furusato Shokudo-jutsu RYOKUDO” is where you get to actually taste regional cuisines deeply rooted in their unique cultures.  

The famous motsu(offal)-nabe restaurant of Kyoto “Kyo Motsu-nabe KAMEHACHI”, the well-known Okonomiyaki restaurant of Hiroshima “Hiroshima Okonomiyaki BON” are just a few of many great restaurants collected here on this floor from all parts of Japan. “HATAHATA” is where you can eat typical Japanese dishes using a fine collection of top quality ingredients around the country and “Kaien WAKASAMARU” is where you can enjoy seafood bowl or seafood noodles using sea products coming from various fishing ports around the nation.  

There are seasonal events and special exhibitions in the complex too. You get to experience various charms of the nation in one day in this special place “MARUGOTO NIPPON” in Asakusa.  


Yunosuke Kamiki

A concierge for visiting Japan. He visits every corner of Japan to discover unique charms of various regions.

He is the editor chief of a multi-language web-magazine targeting foreign tourist visiting Japan. He is crisscrossing the nation relentlessly to dig up so many yet-to-be-discovered charms and beauties of various region, of landscape, food culture and manufacturing.
His biggest joy is to invite tourists who came from overseas to together enjoy special Japanese sake he loves and seasonal food he coordinates.

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