Products only available in Japan : Japan’s limited edition watches

Products only available in Japan : Japan’s limited edition watches

Based on the “2015 Watch purchase fact-finding survey on Chinese” executed on 100,000 Chinese in March 2015, it has been revealed that watch collection has become extremely popular among both men and women, and is on a growing trend especially for women.  Expensive watches, that costs triple the amount of their monthly wage are now popular among those people.  35% have replied that the most priority is placed on the “brand”, followed by its precision and beautiful appearance.  Also, mechanical watch, round face, and materials such as platinum and rose gold are preferred.  Watches in Japan-limited-edition that matches such demand are featured in this article. 

【TAG Heuer  “Ogasawara islands model”】

Japan limited edition divers watch of an exclusive watch manufacture of Switzerland, TAG Heuer.  Available in both Men’s and Ladies model, with 40.5mm case with auto wind movement/ Calibre 5 for Men’s model, and 27mm case with quartz movement for Ladies model.  Part of its sales is provided for natural conservation of the Ogasawara islands. 

Price: Men’s model(550 limited sales)\270,000yen , Ladies model(350 limited sales)\162,000yen (tax include)

【CITIZEN ”xC EC1113-03L ”】

Limited edition of the female brand “xC” is equipped with an atomic radio function that adjusts the date and time automatically.  It can be charged with sun or room light, and will not scratch as it is made of sapphire glass of high hardness.  Navy alligator skin belt that blend well with skin color has been used. It comes with an original bracelet, which is enticing for female audience.

Price: \108,000yen (tax included)


A super upscale watch, priced 50 million yen has been launched! Tourbillon toreutic limited model ”FUGAKU” integrates traditional art of Japanese lacquer with 200 hours of manual work by hands of several master craftsmen.  Waves depicted in Hokusai Katsushika’s "Fugaku Sanjurokkei" (Thirty-six Sceneries of Mt. Fuji) has been designed on the watch with 18k gold and white gold, with less than 2mm depth.  With case made of platinum and 48 sapphire embedded, it is no exaggeration to say it is a fine jewelry wrapped around the wrist.  

Price: \54 million yen (tax included)

※Available in Credor nationwide starting May 13th 2016 

Limited to 8 pieces 


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