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Products only available in Japan : Washlets that are globally compatible

Products only available in Japan : Washlets that are globally compatible

Almost a guaranteed sight at Narita and Haneda airports these days is that of foreign tourists carrying a “washlet” with a carry-case and cart. “Washlet” which has become a by-word for “shopping spree”, is a Japanese product that the world adores. A major achievement of the washlet was to evolve the toilet from a “place of excretion” to a “place to comfortably excrete”, and has even been dubbed the “third place”!? Here we will introduce washlets that can be used overseas: 

Panasonic n bidet & shower toilet designed for overseas 220V DL-EH31JP-WS

Continuous flushing for 60 minutes, and antibacterial Ag+ to keep the surface of the seat clean at all times. Also contributes to energy conservation with hot water tank. 

Panel display:  Chinese/English 

Voltage: AC 220V

Height: 182mm  Width: 477mm   Depth: 529mm

Includes support service available on Chinese Mainland (fees apply in some cases) 

※For setting on-site, any charges will be borne by customer. Please confirm in advance regarding setting up on-site. 

Maker Warranty:1 year


Price:63,750 JPY(incl. tax)〜

INAX bidet washlet (shower toilet) 220V CW-RS3-WJ/BW1/

Uses 2 separate nozzles, one for backside, and one for bidet, and can also be used as a two-in-one bedpan. Also comes with warm-air dryer and remote control.

Price: 98,750 JPY (incl. tax).

Panel display: Chinese/English

Voltage: AC 220V

Height: 162mm Width: 426mm Depth: 558mm 

Maker Warranty: 1 year

One point to remember when using is the difference in water. Japan’s water is soft, while most regions in China have hard water, which furs up easily, causing the spout to harden. Also, when setting up, you need an electricity port to plug into. This also applies to Japan, but before buying, it is worth checking with people already using them in your area or at the support center to make sure that you can use it.

Yuriko Sakurai

Female university student born and raised in Kyoto. Blogger. Born in the city of World Heritage, Kyoto, made her interested in old towns of Japan since she was quite young. She is currently studying architecture at a University in Yokohama, a port town, and "integration of Western and Eastern cultures" is of her particular interest in the subject. Loves visiting World Heritage sites of Japan and old Ryokan (Japanese-style traditional lodging). Her hobby is collecting stamps of various places and spots she visits. Loves Eastern landscapes and Western food. An active SNS advocate.

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