Tips from Japan Trip Experts!! Illustrated!! Japanese currency!!

Tips from Japan Trip Experts!! Illustrated!! Japanese currency!!

Japanese currency consists of paper currency and coins. Paper currency’s official name is Bank of Japan note and issue by Bank of Japan. Currency itself is issued by Japanese government. Here blow are currencies currently being used. 


・One-yen aluminum coin

  Material: Aluminum

  Quality level: Pure aluminum 



  Issued year:1955

  Design theme:young tree (head-side) 

・Five-yen brass coin

  Material: Brass

  Quality level: (in 1000): Copper 600-700, Zinc 400-300

  Weight: 3.75g

  Diameter: 22mm 

  Pore diameter: 5mm

  Issued year: 1959 

  Design theme: rice stalk, gear wheel, water (head-side) and cotyledon (tail-side) 

・Ten-yen bronze coin

  Material: bronze

  Quality level (in 1000): Copper: 950, Zinc 40-30, Tin 10-20 

  Weight: 4.5g

  Diameter: 23.5mm

  Issued year: 1959

  Design theme: Hoo-do Hall (the Phoenix Pavilion)・arabesque (head-side), evergreen tree (tail-side) 

・Fifty-yen white copper coin 

  Material: White copper

  Quality level (in 1000): Copper 750, Nickel 250 

  Weight: 4g 

  Diameter: 21mm

  Pore diameter: 4mm

  Issued year: 1967

  Design theme: Chrysanthemum (head-side) 

・Hundred-yen white copper coin

  Material: White Copper

  Quality level (in 1000): Copper 750, Nickel 250 

  Weight: 4.8g

  Diameter: 22.6mm

  Issued year: 1967

  Design theme: Japanese cherry (head-side) 

・Five hundred nickel brass coin

  Material: Nickel brass

  Quality level (in 1000): Copper 720, Zinc 200, Nickel 80 

  Weight: 7g

  Diameter: 26.5mm

  Issued year: 2000

  Design theme: Paulownia (head-side) Bamboo・Mandarin orange (tail-side) 

【Paper currencies】

・One thousand-yen note 

  Size: 76×150mm

  Issued date: 1st Nov. 2004 

  portrayal: Hideyo Noguchi graphic: Mt. Fuji, Japanese cherry 

・Two thousands-yen note


  Issued date:19th Jul. 2000

  graphic:Shurei-mon Gate graphic:”The Tale of Genji” Murasaki 

  Shikibu Nikki Emaki” 

・Five thousands-yen note


  Issued date:1st Nov. 2004

  portrayal:Ichiyo Higuchi graphic:”Kakitsubata-zu” (by Korin Ogata) 

・Ten thousands-yen note


  Issued date:1st Nov. 2004 

  portrayal:Yukichi Fukuzawa graphic:Phoenix Hall (Byodo-in) 

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