Tips from Japan Trip Experts!! No need to understand Japanese!

Tips from Japan Trip Experts!! No need to understand Japanese!

Here blow is a brief summary of the immigration procedures for coming in and out of Japan. I hope this will be some help to those who is coming to Japan for the first time with no understanding of Japanese language.  

Immigration clearance

①Arrival: Upon arrival to Japan, go to the immigration clearance counters section. 

②Immigration clearance: Go to a counter for foreigners and get checked with the passport you present to the office. (Be careful the counters for foreigners are different from those for Japanese residents) 

③Baggage claim: Pick up you own luggage from the belt conveyer going around with the flight # of the airplane.

④Quarantine: If you feel sick or any of your answers to the concerns listed at the quarantine gate is yes, go to the quarantine counter and get checked. 

⑤Customs: If your possession does not exceed the duty exemption limit, go to the green counter. If exceeding (or if you are not sure), go to the red counter and get checked. 

⑥To the Exit

Embarkation procedure 

① Arrive to the airport (2 hours prior to your flight departure) 

② Check-in (boarding): Once you arrive at the airport, first thing to do is check-in. Go to the check-in counter of your airline and proceed with the process. 

If you give your flight ticket and passport, they will issue you your boarding pass. If you have suit case, deposit it to this counter while doing the check-in process, and get its baggage claim tag in return. 

③Customs: If you are taking any foreign products such as watch, necklace, ring etc.., taking out a big some of money more than certain threshold, or taking out some restricted items, go to this customs counter and declare. 

④ Passport control:Go ahead to the passport control counter and present your passport and boarding pass to get checked. 

⑤ Go to the boarding gate: Once all embarkation processes get done, go on to the boarding gate. You need to check where your boarding gate is by confirming the gate # on your boarding pass or on the notice board. Some boarding gate is quite remote and you need to use shuttle service to get there. 

⑥ Boarding (30 min. prior to the departure time): When it comes to the boarding time, start boarding following the staff instructions. Present your boarding pass, get checked and go inside. You are then ready to depart. 

David li

Male Chinese who works for major advertising agency in Tokyo. 15 years of living in Japan has made him an expert on various Japan related topics. He came to Japan after graduating from high school and now permanently settled in Japan. His hobby is to enjoy local cuisines while travelling around various parts of Japan. He has a personal goal of visiting all prefectures in the country and in the process of achieving it, enjoying trips and dining experiences in the nation on his off-days with his family.

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