Tips from Japan Trip Experts!! No more problem with train/airport bus…

Tips from Japan Trip Experts!! No more problem with train/airport bus…

The two biggest cities in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka) are popular destinations for foreign tourists too. In major cities, you can go around the sightseeing spots in the city using various transportation means including trains and buses. Here blow, let me summarize transportation options you will have in staying in Tokyo and Osaka. 


<Access from Narita Airport>

Narita International Airport is the major entrance point from abroad. It’s 60km from the airport to the center of Tokyo. You can use train or bus to get to major terminal stations in Tokyo. 

1. Train to Central Tokyo

■ By JR East Japan

JR Narita Airport station (from #1 terminal) 

※If you are at #2 terminal, get on from “Airport #2 Building” station for the same train fare. 

To Tokyo-station:  Narita Express (60 min.) 3,020 yen

To Shinjuku-station: Narita Express (80 min.) 3,190 yen

To Ueno-station: Sobu-line 【Express Train】 (90 min.) 1,320 yen 

2. Airport Bus to Central Tokyo 

■By Limousine Bus

To Tokyo-station/Nihonbashi area: (75-125 min.) 3,100 yen

To Shinjuku area: (85-145 min.) 3,100 yen

■By Highway Bus

To Tokyo-station: Keisei Bus  (70 min.) 900 yen 

<Access from Haneda Airport>

Haneda airport is where you can fly off to various cities in Japan and to outside of Japan. To get to major terminal stations in Tokyo from Haneda, you can take train or bus. 

1. Train to central Tokyo 

■ By Train  

To Hamamatsu-cho station: Monorail (20 min.) 490 yen

To Shinagawa station: Keikyu Dentetsu Railway (16 min.) 410 yen

2. Airport Limousine Bus to central Tokyo  

■ By Limousine Bus

To Tokyo station: (25-45 min.) 930 yen

To Shinjuku station: (35-75 min.) 1,230 yen


<Access from Kansai Airport>

Multiple transportation means possible 

1. Train to central Osaka

■ By Train

To Namba station: Nankai Dentetsu “RAPIDO” (34 min.) 1,430 yen

To Umeda/Osaka station: JR Kanku-Kaisoku-Express train- (60 min.) 1,190 yen

2. Airport Limousine Bus to central Osaka 

■By Limousine Bus

To Namba: Kansai Airport Transportation (50 min.) 1,050 yen

To Osaka station: Osaka Airport Transportation (50 min.) 1,550 yen

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