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EMS: small package weight limit and prices, mailable/un-mailable

EMS: small package weight limit and prices, mailable/un-mailable

After a trip, you might find yourself having done too much shopping and your luggage will be over-weight forgoing home. If that happens, sending your items via mail can solve the problem of needing to pay excessive amount of money for it. Here are few options for sending your items: 


・Best option if you want to send it fast .

・Maximum weight: 30kg 

・Other than those stated as un-mailable on the next page, followings items cannot be sent by EMS: 

coin, banknote (federal diploma), folding money, various valuable securities payable to holder, 

travel checks, platinum, gold, silver, gem, jewelry and any other articles of value.

・Fee…e.g. To address in Asia; 900 yen (up to 300g) – 26,200 yen (29-30kg) 

・Speed… from Tokyo, an item will be delivered in 2-4 days to most places. For some region, little bit longer. 

  For more detailed information:

【International Parcel】

・Maximum weight: 30kg

・Transportation methods: (1) by ship (2) by SAL (3) by air. (delivery speed and fee different for those three )

・Fee… defined by weight: e.g. To address in East Asia:  1,700-2,050 yen (0.5-1.0kg by air), 1,800yen (by SAL), 1,500 yen (by ship) 

・Speed… (By air) around 6 days, (By SAL) around 2 weeks, (By ship) 1-3 months. 

 For details:

【Un-mailable Items】

Following items cannot be sent neither by EMS or International Parcel.  

Gun powder, flammable liquid, propellant, combustible substance, oxidizing substance, toxic agent, corrosive material, other toxic materials, radioactive material, drugs, obscene items,  plus any item the country defines un-mailable. 


If you pay extra, you will be able to add service such as insurance, expedited shipping or delivery notification etc.

Jasmine zhao

Female office worker in her 20s working for major Japanese trading company. She has business trip to Japan once a month and is taking that opportunity to spend her off-duty weekends to go around Japan sightseeing. She is an expert of travelling Japan and her strong interest is in experiencing Japan's traditional cultures at first hand. Her major at her University in China was Japanese. She became strongly interested in Japanese culture by being exposed to Japanese TV dramas while she was small. "Tokyo Love Story" was one of them and she has an extensive knowledge of Japanese anime and TV dramas.

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