Let’s visit around Seven Gods of Good Fortune, Shichi-fukujin for future prosperity!

Let’s visit around Seven Gods of Good Fortune, Shichi-fukujin for future prosperity!

There is a customary practice of going around shrines to visit Seven Gods of Good Fortune and it’s called “Shichi-Fukujin Meguri (Seven Gods visiting)”. It’s supposed to bring you good fortune. Each God having different fortune power is worshiped at a different shrine/temple and by you vising them one by one in sequence, you are trying to get the whole range of good luck from the act. You get to stroll around the town while moving from one shrine to another so it’s a great activity for foreign tourists too to get to know the city.


Seven Gods enshrined are; EBISU (God of fishery, business, and field harvest), DAIKOKUTEN (God of field harvest and bringing luck), BISHAMONTEN (God for battle, avoiding disaster and accumulating fortune), BENZAITEN (God of business and artistic performance), FUKUROKUJU (God for longevity), JUROUJIN (God for long life) and HOTEISON (pot-bellied god of good fortune). There are various courses for Seven Gods visit around the country, few dozens in Tokyo only.


One of those in Tokyo and the very popular one is “Nihonbashi Shichifukujin Meguri (Seven Gods visit in NIHONBASHI area)”. It takes only 1.5 hours and you get to feel the taste of good old downtown of Japan in Ningyo-cho district. The oldest route that exists in Tokyo is “Taninaka Shichifukujin Meguri (Seven Gods visit in TANINAKA area)”.  Tokaku-ji temple enshrining the God, FUKUROKUJU, has a pair of standing statue of KONGO RIKISHI specifically called “Akagami Ninnou” which is said to have power of healing your illness if you put a red paper on them. That would be another thing you can enjoy seeing during the tour.




As for outside of Tokyo, in Osaka for instance, what’s popular is the “Osaka Shichifukujin Meguri” course where you get to go through the busy part of the city, Minami. Go through the town eating Takoyaki (octopus balls) or Kushiage (skewed fries) along your way to those shrines/temples would be a fun thing to do. Another attractive course is of Kamakura/Enoshima area in Kanagawa prefecture. Kamakura is the old capital of Japan so you get to see many historical things on your way and you will be blessed with beautiful ocean sceneries as the area spread out along the coast line. You get to see Mt. Fuji too over the ocean. Beside, one of the Gods there, Hadaka-Benten in Enoshima is one of the three special BENZAITEN existing in Japan. BENZAITEN is the only female god of the seven and this one has a gorgeous figure and naked! This course takes almost a day to complete, so you need plenty time scheduled to fully enjoy the experience. 

Yunosuke Kamiki

A concierge for visiting Japan. He visits every corner of Japan to discover unique charms of various regions.

He is the editor chief of a multi-language web-magazine targeting foreign tourist visiting Japan. He is crisscrossing the nation relentlessly to dig up so many yet-to-be-discovered charms and beauties of various region, of landscape, food culture and manufacturing.
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