Open-air spas (Roten-buro) where you can enjoy the crimson foliage

Open-air spas (Roten-buro) where you can enjoy the crimson foliage

Why not go to a “crimson foliage open-air spa” only available in Japan, where you can enjoy the coloring leaves and onsen spas at the same time? Here I will introduce you to hot springs where you can spend a relaxing time surrounded by colorful mountains.

乳頭温泉郷 錦秋の黒湯: Nyuto hot spring village   Kuroyu of Kinshu (Akita prefecture)

Kuroyu onsen, which is inland in the Kuroyu hot spring village, has a history which dates back to the Edo era. Since it is deep in the mountains, the rustic atmosphere of the hot spring shows a fine balance with the colored leaves surrounding them.

・Address: 2-1 Kuroyusawa Obonai-aza, Tazawa-ko, Senboku-shi, Akita

・TEL: 0187-46-2214


・Access: Approx. 40 min. by car from JR Tazawa-ko stn. to Kuroyu Onsen

伏尾温泉 不死王閣: Fushio Onsen Fushioukaku (Osaka prefecture)

This place is only 30 minutes from Osaka city, and it is convenient to go from the middle of the city. Their large bathing area of the natural hot spring and their “garden” open-air spa is very popular, and you can enjoy the natural hot spring while looking at the coloring leaves. Here, you can enjoy a time of luxury. 

・Name of facility: Fushio Onsen Fushioukaku 

・Address: 128-1  Fushio cho Ikeda-shi, Osaka

・TEL: 072751-3540


・Access: Approx. 15 min. on the Hankyu bus from Ikeda stn. (Hankyu Takarazuka line)

本家伴久: Honke Bankyu  (Tochigi prefecture)

Honke Bankyu was open in 1666, at the beginning of the Edo era, and is the birthplace of the Yunishigawa hot spring that has been upwelling for the past 800 years. There is a guest room with an open-air spa where you can relax. In the open-air spa where you can see the Miyama fresh stream below, you can have the grand scenery of nature, of the colored leaves all to your own.

・Name of facility: Honke Bankyu Nikko National Park

・Address: 749  Yunishigawa onsen, Nikko-shi, Tochigi

・TEL: 0288-98-0011 


・Access: Approx. 25 min. on bus (Nikko Kotsu, Yunishigawa line) Yagan Railway Yunishigawa onsen stnより

明神館の温泉: Onsen of Myojinkan (Nagano prefecture)

Opened 1931, it is in a secluded area, situated deep in the mountains at 1000 meters above sea level, beyond your mobile phone’s service area. It is an open-air spa in front of the river, and you can relax yourself in the hot spring, admiring the beautiful crimson foliage.

・Name of facility: Myojinkan

・Address: 8967 Iriyamabe, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano

・TEL: 0263-31-2301


・Access: Approx. 30 min. on a free shuttle bus from Matsumoto station

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