Enjoy sightseeing spots with great offers ! Popular Free Passes in Japan -Kyushu -

Enjoy sightseeing spots with great offers ! Popular Free Passes in Japan -Kyushu -

If you want to go around sightseeing spots in Japan, making a great use of Free Passes issued by railway companies is a way to go. Here are Free Passes you can use in travelling around sightseeing spots in Kyushu region. 

【JR Kyushu Rail Pass】

JR Kyushu Free Pass for foreigners. You need to present your passport and you have to be visiting only for a short period of time Great value for money. There are two kinds, one for the whole Kyushu Island and one for North part of Kyushu only. Both of them have 3-Day version and 5-Day. Choose whatever works best for your itinerary. If you purchase one of those Passes , You get discount for entry to Kyushu Railway Museum and JR Hakata City’s commercial facilities as well as many others. 

Price and valid periods: 

Whole Kyushu (5 days): 18,000 yen

Whole Kyushu (3 days): 15,000 yen

North Kyushu (5 days): 10,000 yen

North Kyushu (3 days): 8,500 yen

Where to purchase: (from outside of Japan) via travel agencies (JTB, Nihon Travel, LION Travel etc.)(inside Japan) Information counter (Midori-no-madoguchi) of major station (Hakata/Kokura/Kagoshima/Kumamoto/Nagasaki/Beppu-city/Oita etc.) 

URL: http://kyushurailpass.com/railpass/railpass.php

【SUNQ Pass】

3-Day (/4-Day) Free Pass for unlimited use of Highway Bus/Local city bus/ferries inside Kyushu and around Shimonoseki. There are two kinds of SUNQ Pass: for the whole Kyushu and North Kyushu. “Whole Kyushu Pass” covers 7 prefectures of Kyushu and buses in Shimonoseki and ferries. North Kyushu Pass covers 5 prefectures (Fukuoka/Saga/Nagasaki/Kumamoto/Oita) and buses in Shimonoseki and ferries. 

That means you can transfer among 2,400 lines with the whole Kyushu Pass and 1,500 lines with North Kyushu Pass. You won’t need anything else for moving around in Kyushu. You can get on any bus with the “SUNQ Pass Sticker” on its front window or beside the entrance door. 


Whole Kyushu (4-Day): 14,000 yen

Whole Kyushu (3-Day): 10,000 yen

North Kyushu (3-Day): 8,000 yen

Where to purchase: Bus company counter and major travel agencies or on the internet 

URL: https://www.sunqpass.jp/traditional/pass/index.html

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Male Chinese who works for major advertising agency in Tokyo. 15 years of living in Japan has made him an expert on various Japan related topics. He came to Japan after graduating from high school and now permanently settled in Japan. His hobby is to enjoy local cuisines while travelling around various parts of Japan. He has a personal goal of visiting all prefectures in the country and in the process of achieving it, enjoying trips and dining experiences in the nation on his off-days with his family.

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