Tips from Japan Trip Experts!! Japan’s World Heritage Site Feature –Shirakami Kouchi (Aomori/Akita)

Tips from Japan Trip Experts!! Japan’s World Heritage Site Feature –Shirakami Kouchi (Aomori/Akita)

Shirakami-Sanchi has been registered as a World Natural Heritage in December of 1993.  One of the oldest primeval beech forest as well as diverse range of nature and animals are habitats of the area.  In the core part of the area, trekking routs have not been developed to prevent any intervention of human, as precious natural environment must be passed on. 

Below are recommended walking courses and mountain climbing courses in the area. 

【World Natural Heritage Promenade in the beech forest】

As its name signifies, it is a walking path through the region registered as the World Natural Heritage. You can easily enjoy the natural environment of the Shirakami mountain range.  Trekking can start as early as February or March, in the slight remains of snow to enjoy beech putting forth buds and spring ephemerals. During spring, summer, and fall, Japan Sea beech forest and nature that grows in its forest bed can be observed.  Also, there are short cut routs.  Required time for trekking is 1-2 hours.

【Lake Juniko Trekking Course】

33 natural lakes and reservoirs located at the foot of Shirakami-Sanchi is a region surrounded by natural forest of beech trees.  It has been designated as Tsugaru Quasi-National Park, as well as natural recreation forest, and is one of the “Forest Therapy Base” known for its relaxation effect of forest bathing. You can select the trekking course depending on your physical strength or required time.  The required time is 1-3 hours

【Shirakamidake Mountain Trail/ Matesan Course】

This is a course to climb “Shirakamidake”.  After a plain climb in the woods and forest of hiba, Japanese arbovitae, and beech trees, it leads you to a grassland with alpine plants.  The course continues to the ridgeline, and once reaching the branching point to Lake Juniko, you can appreciate the dynamic view on the opposite bank of Sasauchi river, of the center of Shirakami mountain region covered with primeval beech forest.  To the west of that location, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Sea of Japan.  This is a very popular trekking course.  Required time is approximately 5 hours. 

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