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Advise me on popular men's cosmetic brands.


I want my friend living in Japan to buy men's skin care cosmetics for me. Do you have any recommended brands? I have oily skin and I want something which has whitening/brightening function. Please advice.

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  • voyageur_etranger

    It's another difficult question. How much will you pay for them?

    Shiseido(資生堂) has casual line and luxury line such as "Shiseido Men".
    For example, face water for whitening costs less than JPY1000 in casual line,
    but cost more than JPY5000 in Luxury line.

    European brands are popular such as L'Oréal and Nivea Men.
    L'Oréal has two lines, too as same as Shiseido.
    The other has only casual line in Japan, I guess.

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