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I want to experience Sado. Any recommended place?


I am thinking of doing Japanese trip for the second time this September. I would love to experienceSado(Japanese art of tea ceremony) once in Kyoto. Do you know anychashitsu(tea-ceremony house) where a foreigner can go and enjoy the culture?

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  • gooshou

    Let me introduce you one chashitsu(tea ceremony house) where foreigners can experienceSado(Japanese art of tea ceremony) in Kyoto.

    It's a small tea ceremony house called "En" situated near Chionintemple in Gion, Kyoto. At En, certifiedSadoinstructors will explain in native English the history of the art, its context, the use of tools and how the ceremony runs in details, using authentic tea ceremony tools.
    It will be a great experience for you to get deep understanding of the culture ofSado(Japanese art of tea ceremony), enjoy the elegant flow and demeanour of the instructor demonstrating the ceremony and get a feel of how it’s connected to Zen philosophy. By the end of the session, you will be able to make tea yourself while enjoying accompanying Japanese confectionary. Unfortunately, there is no guide in Chinese.
    The fee is very reasonable, 2,000 yen/person, so I think this would be a great casual experience you can have on your trip!
    Official website:

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