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How old onwards do we need to pay hotel fee?


We are planning our family vacation in Japan right now. We will be taking our 2-year-old son. Would we need to pay for him for hotel accommodation? If so, is there typically a special rate for kids? Up to how old is considered kids, and what percentage roughly is the kids' rate of the adult's normally?

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  • kensaha

    You must be excited to have your family trip in Japan!

    Well to answer your question right away, there is no standard setting for accommodation pricing, it's different from one to another.
    So, you need to study the website of the hotel you wish to stay one by one.

    What's common is having two levels, "infants"(babies: 0-3 yrs.) and "kids(3-12 yrs.)". Some hotels charge "infants" discount rate and some lets a "bed-sharing infant" (soine-youji) stay free of charge. A soine-youji(bed-sharing infant) is someone who sleeps with accompanying adult and does not require separate meals, beddings or any amenities (e.g. yukata(Japanese bathrobe)). I find manyryokan(traditional Japanese-style accommodations) have the "no charge for bed-sharing infants" policy. Kids' rate (for 3-12) is typically around 50-70% of adults'. A national chain-brand hotel "Toyoko-INN" takes any kids under 12-year-old for free of charge as long as they bed-share with an adult. Breakfast is offered even to those kids, so I personally recommend them if you want to save accommodation cost. The bed-sharing should be one kid to one adult. One thing you can utilize is the Expedia's total accommodation fee auto-calculation.

    If you input the number of adults and kids, the function automatically shows how much the hotel charges for a kid.
    Hope this will be some help to you!

  • voyageur_etranger

    It really depends on the accommodations.

    In Japan, typical them such as hotels, and ryokans(Japanese traditional accomo)
    charge for number of staying people.
    That means the room rate is changeable for using person(s).

    Most of them decides that your son needs bed and foods.
    Some hotels do not charge children under 8 y/o without bed and foods,
    other hotels do not under 3 y/o without bed and foods,
    other hotels do under 2 y/o in case of need infant breakfast, and so on.

    Ask accommodations where you are planning to stay or your travel agency.

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