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Can I bring my son to female onsen? hes 9 yo


Can I bring my son to female onsen (I'm a mom)? hes 9 yo. And how old are kids allowed to get into opossite sex hot spring room?

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  • ucok

    I wouldn't encourage you to do so. I think a lot of female users would feel uncomfortable with any boy who is "school age" which is about 6. Also, a typical nine-year-old would be embarrassed himself to enter a female onsen.

    If you're not traveling with another male, try to book a room with a private bath, or tell him all the manners so that he can bath by himself in the male's onsen. The morning hours are usually a better time since there are less users.

  • molokun

    It depends on the regulations of each prefectures

  • oshiete_bitte

    9 sounds just depends on how he looks.9 years old kid in

    Japan sometimes very childish but not all.

  • voyageur_etranger

    It is good question. Actually I did not know even the rule or regulation exists or not.

    At least, in Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a low that opposite sex children can take a bath
    if he/she is under 9 y/o.

    I saw the site of public bath where I often go to.
    That says so and it (may be) has an original rule that the children should under 135cm hight.

    Thank-you message to this answer.

    Thank you very much!!


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