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Some restaurants to go that aren’t for tourists?


I heard that Japan's fench/italian food are actually pretty good. Can you recommend me some restaurants over there ?Its better not to be like gonbachi, full of tourists lol

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    I enjoyed dinner at "Garlic Garlic", Italian restaurant, located Shibuya, 15 min. on foot distance from Shibuya station of JR Lines and Subway lines …

    It serves Italian cuisine based on garlic. I never saw foreigner at the restaurant.
    They do not need tip.

    But there are problems.

    Maybe the clerks do not speak English, nor they have English menu.

    Copying map in the above site and texts the bellow maybe helpful.

    To a taxi driver
    En: To "Garlic Garlic". Address is 1-26-2 Shoto Shibuya Tokyo
    Jp: 渋谷区の松濤 1-26-2の「ガーリックxガーリック」までお願いします。

    To the hotel clerk
    En: Please take a reservation of "Garlic Garlic" for me. 1/2/3 persons。6/7/8 pm。yy/mm/dd. Phone number is 03-5478-2029.
    Jp: カーリックxガーリックの予約をとってください。1/2/3人。yy年/mm月/dd日 午後6/7/8時 pmから 。電話番号は03-5478-2029です。

    To a waiter or waitress
    En: Prix-fixe menu under JPY4,000.-, please
    Jp: 4000円以下のコース料理でお願いします。

    En: I cannot eat fried rice.
    Jp: 私は炒めたご飯が食べられません。

    En: I do not like eat Japanese-style soft pasta.
    Jp: 私は日本風のやわらかいパスタが苦手です。

    En: I like toast with much garlic paste.
    Jp: ガーリック山盛りのガーリックトーストが好きです。

    En: A bottle (glass) of wine under JPY2,000.- (JPY1000), please.
    Jp: ボトル(グラス)ワインで2000円(1000円以下)のをください。

    To a restaurant clerk
    En: Check please.

    For other phrase please ask to a hotel clerk.

    I hope you enjoy!

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