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where can I buy a real Japanese sword(katana)?


where can I buy a real Japanese sword(katana)? And will it be ok at the airpot? of course I will get it checked-in.

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  • WindFaller


    If you would like to buy Japanese sword, before visiting Japan, you should ask a specialist of the dealer for Japanese antique in your country.

    Otherwise, before your purchase, you inquire staff in the shop about the international shipping of the sword. Japanese swords are not cheap, even if they are called "Showa Shinto (which were produced in about 100 years, and are notorious)." I don't recommend cheaper swords under $5,000.

    I don't think you cannot buy them, but you will not able to take the sword into the airport. The sword has to be checked and gone through permission before shipping.

  • voyageur_etranger

    You cannot buy them because of the low if you do not have a permission by the Japanese Government.

    Written in Japanese but this is the low.

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