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Where can I buy "Slim De beaute" in Tokyo ?


Where can I buy "Slim De beaute" in Tokyo and Price (Yen) ?

I have plan to visit Tokyo from Dec 31 to Nov 4 and I want to buy it

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share such information.

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  • voyageur_etranger

    Add the info. by ↓No.1

    You can buy them "Yodobashi Camera"
    ※Written in Japanese, but click each branch. It has English location info and map

    or "Yamada Denki"
    ※Unfortunately it has just Japanese location site

    Thank-you message to this answer.

    Wow~^^, Thanks so much,,,, !!! Have a nice day !


  • voyageur_etranger

    According to one of a famous electronic devices shop named "Yodobashi Camera",

    it costs JPY12,960 including consumption tax. …
    Another famous one, "Yamada Denki" says it costs JPY¥12,957 including tax. …

    Those cost are for mail-order, but it may cost about JPY13,000.
    If you are eligible for tax free shopping, you can purchase 8% off from original price.

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